Having clogged drains can be inconvenient, time-consuming and costly. It can begin as a minor issue but can escalate to serious plumbing problems if left untreated. To help you prevent your drains from being clogged, here are some of the common culprits that you need to avoid, and the preventative measures you can employ to ensure that your drains remain in perfect working order.


Grease comes from food residue from meat and dairy products. These fatty substances may accumulate on the inner walls of pipes and over a prolonged period of time it will prevent water from flowing freely. To prevent this, avoid pouring cooking oil or grease from cooked meat down the drain. Instead, save it for future use or let it cool down before placing it in your rubbish bin. Pouring hot water or drain cleaner regularly can also prevent blockage.


Hair can also cause a major blockage in your drainage system. When washed down the drain, strands of hair can collect in the pipe which may cause a build-up, especially when bonding with other sticky substances like grease. To avoid the risk put hair catchers in your bathroom sink and clean them frequently.


Wet wipes, nappies and other sanitary products can easily block your drains. Toilet paper may be flushed through the system but excessive amounts can also cause clogging. To prevent  blocking your toilet drains use recyclable types of toilet paper and ensure there is a bin near your toilet where sanitary products can be disposed.  If you are experienced a light blockage, you can use a plunger to loosen the obstruction. However, if it’s already severe, you may require the help of a specialist.


Dirt and falling leaves can accumulate in your drains especially after a heavy downpour. To avoid a build-up of natural debris in the sewer drain, take the time to clear out your gutters and remove any soil and leaves, which can potentially block your drains. Drain specialists can also use snakes and water jets to effectively clear your blockage.

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