We will clear your drains quickly for a fixed fee


We will clear your drains quickly for a fixed fee

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Sink or toilet over flowing? Shower tray not draining? We will find the cause and fix the problem.

If you have a blocked drain, then you need Drain Heroes!

Drain Heroes knows that blocked drains can be a nightmare. Our trusted team of blocked drain specialists will solve your problem. We know that a drain emergency can often feel like a nightmare, especially if water or sewage are flooding through your home so contact us now to unblock your drains.

Our local, drainage engineers are ready to tackle any blockage, whether you’re at home or work! We offer great prices, particularly for our household customers where we have competitive, fixed rates!

With over 20 years’ experience clearing drains across Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas, we promise to get to you fast, clear your blocked drain quickly and offer you great value.

We have an excellent reputation, based on giving all our customers the best job at the best price possible. Drain Heroes is the premier local drainage service in Hertfordshire, that uses local engineers all employed by the company – not third parties.

The number of households we have serviced in Hertfordshire

The following drainage problems could benefit from a Drain Heroes visit…

  • Cracked or leaking drains and pipes
  • Collapsed drains
  • Joint displacements in pipes and drains
  • Blocked or broken drains
  • French drainage problems
  • Shared drain problem
  • Overflowing or leaking septic tanks & cesspits
  • Tree roots from that have blocked drains
  • Fractured drain pipes
  • Broken or blocked sewers or sewage pipes
  • Deformed pipework
  • Concrete, cement or builders’ rubble in drains
  • Overflowing or blocked drain pipes
  • Clogged or broken pipes
  • Pitch fibre pipework problems
  • Pitch drainage problems
  • Failed or broken soakaways
  • Longitudinal cracking in drains
  • Build-up of fat, grease, or detergent drains
  • Blocked toilets and showers

Blocked household drains are inconvenient and hazardous to health.

Did you know that most drain blockages are preventable? If you require help clearing troublesome drains or pipes, our local drainage engineers are based in Hertfordshire and will be with you extremely quickly.

All Drain Heroes engineers are employed by the company. We do not use third party companies so you have peace of mind that we will never miss an appointment.

Our vans in Hertfordshire are fitted with all the equipment needed to clear that drain. We offer as standard a high pressure water jetting machines to electro mechanical snaking machines to resolve your blocked drain in a speedy and very cost effective manner.

Common causes:

  • Disposing of oils and cooking fats down drains and plug holes as they will quickly solidify in the waste pipes and drainage system causing blockages
  • Scale build up in drains caused by detergents, particularly in hard water areas
  • Flushing nappies, sanitary towels or cotton wool buds down toilets which will block drains
  • Disposing of cement and plaster into drains will cause blockage from the reactive hardening while setting
  • Pouring motor oil into drains
  • Collapsed or damaged pipes

For more complicated drainage issues

If when dealing with your blocked drain we may feel it is necessary to carry out a CCTV survey of the drain to help us see if there are any further blockages or risks further down the drainage system so you have the peace of mind that the drain blockage is completely cleared. We will always advise you of this before carrying out any inspection.

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