When it comes to drainage problems, the best solution is prevention. This is much easier than you might think and doesn’t require a lot of thought or maintenance. Here are some simple tips that will help to keep your drains in perfect working order:

Buy a plug screen

Most commonly used in kitchen sinks and showers, a plug screen collects bits of food and hair that would otherwise clog up your drain. These can be lifted out of your basin easily and tipped into the bin. Not only will your drains be less likely to get blocked, but they’ll also smell better as food especially can begin to rot and give off an odour.

If you can’t find a plug screen to match your drains, make sure you catch or pull out any hairs when you have a shower after each use. As for food, scrape plates as best you can into the bin before washing them.

Say no to oil and grease

Although these look like harmless liquids, they’re notorious for causing blockages. Milk, water and smooth juices can be poured down drains with no problem, but oil is another story. The grease will solidify in the pipes over time, creating a solid blockage that’s stubborn to remove. Always dispose of oil elsewhere.

The toilet is not an all-waste disposal

Blocked toilets can be a nightmare and they’re commonly clogged up by things that shouldn’t be in them. Stick to only flushing toilet roll that’s designed to decompose and human waste. Don’t flush food scraps or other wrappers, as these may become stuck in the pipes.

Get in touch

If you need help with a blocked drain or would like some more advice, get in touch with Drain Heroes. We don’t wear capes but we will work our magic and leave your home with free-flowing water once more.