A functioning sewer system is something we all take for granted, but it is, in fact, an incredibly fragile piece of infrastructure. Even the most minor blockage somewhere in the network can have dramatic consequences later down the line, affecting streets and neighbourhoods.

With an increasingly unpredictable climate, it is more important than ever to ensure proper maintenance of our sewage network.

So, what steps can be taken? First, frequent manhole clearance and inspection. A blocked manhole can quickly cause any number of issues, not the least of which is localised flooding. A professional inspection does not need to be costly and can potentially help avoid worse issues further down the road.

More important than this, however, is how we manage the sewage systems in our homes. A report commissioned by the government following the 2007 floods found that one of the best methods for managing flooding was to focus on forward planning and careful management, and this can be applied to the way we manage the drains in our houses. Being vigilant and acting on something as simple as a blocked drain can make all the difference.

Of course, it’s one thing to keep an eye on your drains, it’s another to handle the issues that do arise. Drain Heroes offer a full range of services relating to drain maintenance. Combining years of experience in the industry, modern technology and a focus on customer satisfaction, we can cover everything from drain cleaning, undertaking a drain survey, drain clearance, all the way up to handling a blocked toilet or a blocked sink. If you would like to find out how else Drain Heroes can help you plan for the future and achieve that peace of mind, feel free to give us a call or get in touch via email.