Got a blocked sink or a clogged shower drain? With a multitude of DIY drain cleaning tutorials on the Internet and chemical drain cleaners available in most stores, it is easy to think that you can handle drain repairs on your own. But in reality, blocked drains can be a serious matter that is best taken care of by Drain Heroes.

Attempting to unclog your own blocked drains at home may only do more harm than good. Here’s why.

Risk of damaging your pipes 

Harsh, store-bought chemical cleaning solutions can corrode your drainage pipes. When you try to solve your clogged kitchen sink or blocked shower drain or try to prevent the problem from happening again with toxic bleaches and drain cleaning products regularly, eventually, your drain pipes will be beyond repair and will require immediate replacement, which can be more expensive.

Exposure to fumes and infection

Trying to fix a clogged drain pipe on your own also puts your health in danger. You are exposing yourself to fumes and strong acid-based drain cleaning agents that may trigger allergic reactions. You can also accidentally cut yourself on rusty pipes, which may lead to a tetanus infection.

Dangers of water and electricity

Flooding due to a blocked toilet drain is a horrible situation that calls for emergency  servicing. Overflowing water won’t only make a big mess in your home but may compromise low-lying electrical outlets and appliances as well. Water and electricity is a lethal combination. Leave it to Drain Heroes.

DIY drain repairs will not address the issue effectively 

While DIYs may be fine for a quick temporary fix, it is highly recommended to call Drain Heroes, especially if blocked drains are a recurring issue in your home. Have your drain pipes inspected by a professional to find the root cause of the frequent clogging. This is hard to do yourself, specifically with drainage pipes that are concealed in walls or under the ground. Drain Heroes can also make recommendations on whether you need drain cleaning or drainage replacement.

Drain Heroes is a reliable drain cleaning and drain repair service provider. To book an appointment with us or for emergency drain unblocking, please complete this contact form or call our hotline on 01442 894341.