CCTV drain surveys are being administered to obtain a visual on the cause of blocked drains. For the maintenance of drainage systems, these CCTV surveys are also used to identify any problems before they cause serious issues. Using high-tech cameras inserted into the drains, the drainage engineers will get a live-feed on the condition of the drain and they can point out issues such as pipe scale, faulty installation and root ingress.

Speed and accuracy

Having a CCTV drain inspection regularly is extremely beneficial for homeowners. Perhaps the most appealing aspect is that it offers a quicker root to finding the cause of the issue without wasting time. Rather than ruling out different potential causes one by one, a camera inspection speeds the process up and allows you to find the problem just shortly after the camera is lowered into the drain.

Another major advantage of a CCTV drain inspection is that the diagnosis not only comes within a short period of time but that it also provides an accurate inspection. Because the engineer is able to see the problem with their own eyes, they don’t have to guess to devise a possible solution. You’ll know right away whether your drainage problems are due to a clog, a tree root, a broken pipe or any other plumbing issue.


The speed and accuracy of a CCTV camera diagnosis mean that you will be able to save money. Rather than paying an engineer numerous times as they try different methods to find the problem, you’ll only have to pay once for a diagnosis. You won’t be paying for ineffective solutions, because the correct solution will be clear from the beginning.

Finally, CCTV drain surveys are appealing to homeowners because they are non-invasive and don’t require much disruption in your home. It requires no digging to find the source of the problem. A camera is simply sent down your drain and it does all the work.

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